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122 Wheeler

To request portable equipment, please visit our Classroom Technology Equipment Request Form.




DVD/VCR Combo Deck

Black box

 VHS tapes are susceptible to damage and should be converted to a digital format.

Computer Input

Black box


Control Panel - AMX

Black box


VGA+audio cable with Mac and HDMI adapters

Black box


Auxiliary Video Input

Black box


Data/Video Projector



Display Information

  • Manual screen
  • Native display resolution:  Data/Video projection 1024 x 768. 60hz

Network Information
  • Contact IST Service Desk for internet issues: 510-664-9000
  • Wired Ethernet Port - DHCP
  • AirBears Wireless coverage

Seats:  17

Room Attributes: 

Movable seats


Classroom A/V Equipment Instructions - AMX

AMX Rack and Control Panel

Select a source on the left side of the AMX touchscreen to turn on the projection system. Lower the projection screen which is either manual or motorized depending on the classroom.

Computer Display

VGA Cable with Mini audio tail

  • Older PCs can directly connect to the VGA cable however most will require a HDMI adapter, which is attached to the VGA cable.
  • All Macs require an adapter to connect to the VGA cable.  Mini-displayport, USB-C and HDMI adapters are connected to the cable.  Only use one adapter because stringing adapters together will usually not work.
  1. Touch the "Laptop" button on the screen. The projector and/or LCD displays will turn on and take about a minute to warm up.
  2. Turn on your computer; wait as it communicates with the projector
  3. The optimal display setting on your computer for most classrooms is 1024 x 768 (60Hz).


  • Under the Apple icon click System Preferences
  • Click Display
  • Click Arrangement
  • Click Mirror Displays to see the same desktop on the projection as your laptop

PC Display (F) KeysPC

Toggle between the different presentation modes by pressing both the Fn and specific F key at the same time slowly until you find a suitable display option. Computers typically have three presentation modes which cycle from the laptop screen only, the projector only or both simultaneously.

  • The Fn key - located between the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys
  • The Display Function (F) key - located amoung the top row of keys labeled as either "CRT/LCD" or has an icon of a monitor (see photo for variations)

If the computer will not display, try restarting it while plugged into the AV system.

Computer (or iPod) Audio

The small cable attached to each end of the VGA cable is used to play audio (see photo above). Plug one end of the cable into the headphone port on your computer (or iPod) and the other end into the audio input next to the VGA input on the control panel.

The volume control is on the AMX touch panel. There is also a "mute" button next to the volume slider. The volume on the computer (or iPod) must also be turned up.

VGA Cable Location

The VGA cable is located on a hook on the black box.

Signs of a broken VGA cable - pins appear bent or displayed image has noticeable color tint.

DVD & VCR Display

  1. Touch the "DVD/VCR" button on the AMX screen
  2. Make sure the DVD or VCR is turned on; insert media and press play using the playback controls on the AMX touch screen. Do NOT use the playback controls on the video deck.
  3. The volume control is on the AMX touch panel. There is also a "mute" button next to the volume slider.

The remote(s) are located in the cubbyhole within the black box. To open the cubbyhole, press the latch down while pulling towards you.

The installed DVD/VHS player may ONLY play standard formats. To play video from other regions or blu-ray, please make a reservation to checkout the appropriate player to hook up in the classroom.

Auxiliary Video Display (Multi-regional Players, Video Cameras)

  1. Connect the video cable to the corresponding RCA connector on the panel
  2. Connect the audio cables to the corresponding RCA connectors on the panel
  3. Touch the "AUX Video" button on the AMX screen
  4. Make sure the external device is turned on
  5. The volume control is on the AMX touch panel. There is also a "mute" button next to the volume slider.

Turn OFF the projector power on the touch screen. Raise the screen.

Display Troubleshooting Tips (no image on the screen):

  • Check if the "Blank Screen/Picture Mute" button is activated.
  • Touch another source button on the AMX screen and then select the original source again.
  • Check the "Projector Status" at the bottom of the touch panel. The projector can take a couple of minutes to cool down and warm up again.
  • In some cases your device may need to be restarted when connected to the VGA cable.
  • Call 510-643-8637 for support

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