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Laptop Display

  1. Difference between VGA and HDMi

MDP to HDMI adapter

Depending on your laptop, connect either the VGA cable or HDMI cable to your laptop. If you are using a Mac, you will need to use the HDMI cable with the Mini Display Port (MDP) to HDMI adapter.

  1. Touch the Laptop VGA or Laptop HDMI button on the screen (depending on which cable you used). The projector will turn on and take about a minute to warm up.
  2. Turn on your computer; wait as it communicates with the projector.

If the laptop does not detect a connection to the projector, follow these instructions:


  • Under the Apple icon click System Preferences/Display/Detect Displays
  • Under the Arrangement Tab, click Mirror Displays


  • Hold down the "Windows logo" key and tap "p"
  • Select Duplicate to clone display

Signs of a broken VGA cable: pins appear bent or image has noticeable color tint.

Laptop Audio


If you are displaying using VGA, there is a small cable attached to the end of the VGA cable that is used to play audio. Plug the cable into the headphone port on your laptop to output audio through the system. 


If you are displaying using HDMI, there is no other cable needed to output audio. However, you may have to go into your audio playback devices and select the HDMI audio device.

  • To do this on a Mac, go to System Preferences -> Sound -> Output and select the Extron HDMI audio device
  • To do this on a PC, go to the Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback and click the Extron HDMI audio device and then click Set Default.

Controlling Volume

The volume control is on the AMX touch panel labeled Program Volume. There is also a mute button beneath the volume slider. To hear the audio, please make sure the volume is not too low or muted on your laptop.

Blu-ray DVD Display

  1. Touch the Blu-ray DVD Player button on the screen
  2. Make sure the Blu-ray player is turned on; insert media and press Play using the playback controls on the AMX touch screen or remote controller.
  3. The volume control is on the AMX touch panel and labeled Program Volume. There is also a mute button beneath the volume slider.

The installed Blu-ray player may ONLY play standard formats. To play video from other regions or VHS, please make a reservation to checkout the appropriate player to hook up in the classroom.

Auxiliary Video Display (Multi-regional Players, Video Cameras, VCR)

  1. Connect the video cable to the connector on the panel (may require an adapter)
  2. Connect the audio cables to the connectors on the panel (may require an adapter)
  3. Touch the Aux Video button on the AMX screen
  4. Make sure the external device is turned on
  5. Control the volume with the Program Audio slider on the touch panel.

Turn OFF the projector power on the touch screen. Raise the screen.

Display Troubleshooting Tips (no image on the screen):

  • Check if the Blank the Screen button is activated.
  • Touch another source button on the AMX screen and then select the desired source again.
  • In some cases your device may need to be restarted when connected to the VGA cable.
  • Call 510-643-8637 for support

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