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We're using Bedework 3.7. Download it here:

Our custom configs and scripts are in source control on Github:

On, you'll need to sudo to the bedework user:

sudo su - bedework

Then get the local customizations from github:

cd ~/
git clone

The Bedework install directory is ~/bedework/quickstart-3.7. Don't modify files directly in that directory tree! Do it through Github instead. Our site-specific configuration set goes in ~/quickstart_customizations, which has the same directory structure as ~/bedework/quickstart-3.7, but only includes files/directories that we've modified. To apply the MyB customizations to a vanilla unzip of quickstart:

cp -R ~/quickstart_customizations/* ~/bedework/quickstart-3.7

I followed the Bedework setup instructions here: Configuration mostly involves modifying and cal.options.xml in ~/quickstart_customizations/default. 

  • bedework/projects/webapps/webclient/war/WEB-INF/userweb.xml (check hostname and CalNet CAS hostname)
  • bedework/config/bwbuild/default/cal.options.xml (check hostname)
  • bedework/config/bwbuild/jboss-mysql/cal.options.xml (check hostname)

After you do this, you must build Bedework.

To build Bedework (this fetches the latest from Github and copies the quickstart_customizations directory for you; you may want to comment the "git pull ..." part out of the script if you don't want to overwrite the config changes you made during the previous step):


To run the server so it won't terminate when you log out:


To kill the server:


I set up CAS auth in the ucal web app following instructions on this page:

Configure Bedework to use MySQL

This was a bit of a pain. The quickstart doesn't have the mysql configuration set. You have to check out the 3.7 Bedework directly from svn:

cd ~/bedework/quickstart-3.7
svn co bedework

# now put the mysql database location, username, and password into bedework-ds.xml 
# (this file is not in the quickstart_customizations on github because it includes the password):
vi bedework/config/bwbuild/jboss-mysql/bedework-ds.xml

# and build Bedework:

Then you must initialize the database. Follow the painful step-by-step on this page:

The JMX console password can be found in ~/bedework/quickstart-3.7/jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/default/conf/props/

Using MySQL requires the MySQL JDBC driver, not included in the Bedework distribution. But I've added it to the quickstart_customizations directory in the appropriate JBoss common/lib directory. 

Updating Bedework

Bedework periodically updates its release without actually incrementing the version number. This doesn't get publicized (except maybe on the bedework-dev list). 

To update the release:

cd ~/bedework/quickstart-3.7/bedework
svn up

Creating Bedework Accounts

Recipients need to have user accounts on Bedework to receive notices. This requires putting the Bedework server into simple login mode (where you can log in as anyone by providing the username and password as the same value) and then running the sling data loader with extra arguments to point at the Bedework server. To do this, follow the instructions in the caldav module's README. 

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