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Unifying the UC Berkeley Online Experience

As of 10/9/14, 40,016 users have logged in to CalCentral and 15,877 have logged in at least once in the last 10 days.

CalCentral is a one-stop, online system that will deliver a unified and personalized experience to students, faculty and staff, facilitating the navigation of campus resources, delivering personal notifications from key campus systems, and supporting learning and the academic experience.

Personalize. Unify. Discover.

Source Page: Mission Statement

Sprint and Release Schedule:


# of days

Sprint 48Oct 27 – Nov 7Nov 10 – 14Mon, Nov 1714 daysNov. 11 - Holiday
Sprint 49Nov 17 – Dec 2Dec 3 Dec 9Wed, Dec 1015 daysThanksgiving Holiday
Sprint 50Dec 10 – Jan 2Jan 5 - Jan 9Mon, Jan 12 Winter Break
First day of Spring '15Tuesday, Jan. 20th 

CalCentral Goals for Fall '14

  • Student class calendars in bCal
  • Surface appointments from new L&S Advising Tool
  • Support the development of bConnected APIs by IST-EIS
  • Support for the Data Cultures project
  • Incorporate improvements to the BearFacts APIs supporting multiple terms
Source Page: CalCentral Sprint and Release Planning

Latest Designs:

See Designs.

The NEED - Students

CalCentral addresses the broad and fundamental online service experience needs of students. UC Berkeley students' online experience is fragmented; student systems and services must be learned and navigated to via dozens of applications and websites. Important action-requiring messages are often lost in email, and unnecessary effort is spent remedying situations after the fact, detracting from the excellent academic and learning experiences on campus and negatively impacting alumni development efforts. What online system to use, what information do I need to pay attention to (academic and administrative tasks), what resources and services are available to me, where to go for what service, and what is due when, are all very confusing questions for students - graduate and undergraduates. CalCentral's vision is to deliver "one place" to receive timely hi-impact messages, view core timely data about me, and to navigate to the learning management systems, and numerous student services and resources.


High-Level Roadmap

Fall 2013 Pilot Release


  • Governance model and working group setup for student features / functionality 
Dashboard Experience
  • Integrate and expose data from 
    • bConnected apps (bMail, bCal, bDrive)
    • bSpace
    • Canvas
  • Bearfacts status & alerts display
  • Financial Aid messages
My Campus and My Academics for Students
  • Academic Profile
  • Class enrollments
  • Access to course resources from Canvas and other campus learning systems 
  • Housing and dining information
  • Student billing, OE consolidated financials project prototyping and data sourcing

Spring 2014 Beta Release

Consolidated Financials (aka. My Finances)
  • Comprehensive, coherent, and actionable display of student financial data from BearFacts, CARS, EDW, and other systems
My Classes for Students and Staff
  • Surface content and collaborations related to a student's classes beyond the campus LMS solutions
  • Integrations with additional systems: webcast/matterhorn, edX, UC Online, external websites, library guides & databases
  • Interfaces for instructors to be able to manage a combination of integrations 
My Academics
  • Expose and enhance Academic Profile with additional Bearfacts data
  • Enhance alerts and refine messaging.

Fall 2014 Release

Unify the online collaboration / learning experience – Class and collaboration resources
  • Integrate with Campus collaborations tools (BOX, Alfresco/Research Hub, Google groups) and retire bSpace project site service
Advising Tool Kit
  • Advisor staff functionality integration
Consolidated Financials (aka. My Finances)
  • Budget planning tool


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  • Improve the way students interact with and navigate UC Berkeley websites and systems
  • Student centric
  • Accessible, customizable, and easy to use
  • A guide to the student experience @ Cal
  • Remind me about dates, to-dos, events, etc.

Daily Standup Meetings

Every day, 11am, 15 mins
Dwinelle 117*

  • quick checkin
  • each person: what I did yesterday, what I'm doing today, what are my blockers
  • discussions and details are spun off as needed for after standup
  • not required, but encouraged
  • no need to reschedule
  • if you have something important to get out there and you can't attend stand up, ask someone to stand up for you, AND send an email to the team

*on any given day, if you would like to join this meeting remotely, we can do the meeting in our Adobe Connect room.
URL for Adobe Connect meeting room:


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