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Share Course Syllabus


Provide students with an organized road map for the course that includes all policies and expectations.

Typically, a Syllabus will include the following sections (see Syllabus Design @ SFSU):

  • course information *This information is provided to us via the bSpace Materialized Views (MV).  See JIRA for more details:
    • Course Title - The Beauty and Joy of Computing
    • Course Name - Computer Science 10
    • Course Section - 1
    • Course Abbreviation - COMPSCI 10 001
    • Semester and Year - Spring 2012
    • Course Control Number - 26227
    • Units - 4
    • Class Times - MW 3:00pm-4:00pm (this would be great as a calendar view and/or as an .ics file to add to your calendar)
    • Course Location - would be nice to have a google map widget back to the building
    • bSpace Site (if there is one)
    • Departmental Website (we don't have this in the materialized view, but we should be able to create a mapping based on Department Name)
  • instructor information
    • Initially, we will have basic instructor information provided to us from the MV.
      • Name
      • email address (if public)
      • phone numbers (if public)
      • Department
      • Office location (again, nice to have a google map widget back to building)
      • website (if available)
    • This information could be greatly enhanced by feeding in relevant information from the instructor's profile in CC.  We would need to incentives instructors to put things in their profile or use some vivo like service.
  • course description - An introduction to the beauty and joy of computing. The history, social implications, great principles, and future of computing. Beautiful applications that have changed the world. How computing empowers discovery and progress in other fields. Relevance of computing to the student and society will be emphasized. Students will learn the joy of programming a computer using a friendly, graphical language, and will complete a substantial team programming project related to their interests.
  • course objectives
    • According to the Registrar, learning objectives can be collected via the new course approval application however they are not required
    • This will likely be something that will come directly from the instructor in the short term.  There is a relationship with course objectives & the USLI initiative.  For example, if you look at the CED website, you can find what classes map to specific Learning goals the college has for their different programs.  See Urban Studies Program -
  • course calendar
    • ala Ninja Courses, a calendar week view of the lecture and all of the sections + a calendar feed
  • course schedule - a schedule of class activities broken down by Week/Lecture or Topic/Lesson
    • We should be able to provision the Week/Lecture pieces and allow the instructor to just fill in the metadata plus the actual activities
  • course policies
    • There are a set of standard course policies that are included in the COSI handbook.  We should find those and make that standard boilerplate for all courses (editable or customizable to the instructor)
  • textbooks and supplies
    • This would be something that we would rely on Schedule Builder to provide or at least copy what they have done.
  • other course specific information
    • nothing specific here.  generally, there needs to be facility for instructors to do a little customization.

Additional Requirements

  • Printable - we may get this for free from the MP... but it will be an important requirement that 
  • Visually appealing - ideally we would allow instructors to do some styling, but a generic 


  1. Compose/Build/Upload Syllabus
  2. Define how it is shared

References & Resources

Sakai Syllabus References

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  1. Per "Departmental Website (we don't have this in the materialized view, but we should be able to create a mapping based on Department Name)". Who would create and maintain the mapping? Is this information already available somewhere, such as the data warehouse?

  2. This page is not a reflection of the current design. It was a list of all the things that could be a part of a syllabus. Currently Department Name isn't part of the designs so this may be a moot point.